Zmiv banzai punk Milkcow records

Sold Out!

We are proud to present you the first release on Milkcow Records, the first official re-release of a true Dutch hardcore punk classic: the debut and sole EP by Zmiv. Originally self released in 1982, this EP is nowadays one of the most sought after punk 7 inches from Holland and collectors all over the world easily lay down out a week’s salary to seize this little beast. Zmiv hailed from Meppel, home also of the Milkcow label, not exactly the walhalla for punkrock back in the day. Fueled by the likes of GBH, Sex Pistols and Discharge, boredom and puberty, it balances on the edge of fast paced punkrock and raw hardcore. On this EP you’ll find no less than 7 pieces of fast, angry, distorted, furious and mindnumbing punkhits.
Limited to 300 copies, so grab it while you can!