Canshaker Pi Boomslang for ed ep 12" Milkcow records


CANSHAKER PI “Boomslang For Ed” (12” Limited black edition)

The young bunch of Canshaker Pi squeeze out songs faster than pimples on your cheek: almost half a year after their debut LP on Excelsior Recordings there’s already a second album. ‘Boomslang For Ed’ collects their first two ep’s as one twelve incher and shows off well where the quartet got it’s infamous live reputation from: catchy, heavy guitarnoise in tradition of the noisy grunge bands from the early nineties, but with added coolness of bands like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.
Dynamic hits like “Believe In Your Heart” and “Shaniqua” will make you bounce through your old attic room with a tennisracket under your armpits. However, the band isn’t shy for an experiment and thrives to put the listener on the wrong foot with smart hooks and feedback.

On June 24th, the LP will be presented at the Muziekcoöperatie in Meppel, also home of Milkcow Records, which will release the vinyl edition with a bonus track. Printing run is 500 copies: 400 on red vinyl and 100 on classic black gold (ordered only thru our website).