Sold Out!

Here’s the newest release from the Milkcow label: The Dream from Holland! This definitely needed an official re-release, as it’s been highly searched after by many garage, psych and Nederbeat connaisseurs and deejays. The Dream came from Tiel and already explored the psychedelic fields with it’s predecessor Mother’s Love. By 1969 The Dream produced their second single, called Rebellion. With one foot still deep in the garagey freakbeat sound and the other in the new psychedelic territory with the first hints of prog, Rebellion is a groovy yet powerful three chord song of monstrous proportions! For the flipside we choose the a-side of the band’s first single ‘The Doting King’, this one’s more in the vein of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd – quite psychedelic, yes.
Limited to 300 copies, so watcha waiting for?