MOOH-012: Fungo Bat – EP – 7″
EP 7” release date 6 january 2018

Milkcow proudly presents Holland’s newest indie sensation: Fungo Bat! Formed by the young talented Sam Verbeek as a bedroom recording project, Fungo Bat now is a fully operating live band that will surprise young and old with their modern garage indie punk rock. Inspired by obscure beat and psychedelica, the guys deliver their hit songs in their own unique style. A style that’s tribute to half a decade of rock&roll history, without being anything like a dull retro trip. It’s the sound of NOW. The four gems on this little platter show their versatility and ability to rock hard and jam out a catchy psych song as well.

Also, don’t miss out on the already legendary debut video of ‘Automobile’, known for it’s cleaverly use of 200 liters of mayonnaise.